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Recent case studies


Sky TV

Audit and advice. Media and social media audit, analysis and recommendations to inform Sky’s corporate communications group across multiple programmes.


Z Energy

Issues Framing. Communications planning for visiting UK climate change thinker, Michael Liebreich, and follow up paper regarding Z’s CSR programme.


Ministry of Education

Project-based communications. Communications lead in the Ministry’s Education Portfolio Hub during 2018/19’s 20-workstream education reform.


Reconnecting Northland

Strategic positioning, visual storytelling and campaign development. Strategy reset and implementation planning for communications to support Reconnecting Northland’s large-landscape conservation efforts.


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You can streamline and simplify your communications during rapidly evolving crises like the emergence and spread of Covid-19

Use the available research, make sense of the landscape, understand your audience and deliver messages that land

Issues framing, context & problem definition

Understanding context, making sense of what your audience wants and needs and knowing the problem you’re trying to solve are essential – and sometimes need an outside eye.

Core story & messaging

Positioning statement, overarching narrative, key messages, elevator pitch; these are all different names for the same thing – your core story. Don’t get distracted.


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These are some of the amazing clients we've worked with

Central and local government, businesses of all shapes and sizes, NGOs

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Our clients say

Your approach to this strategy has been a breath of fresh air and just what we needed. This has been matched with an equally high quality of work and professionalism.

— Eamon Nathan

Pou Manatu, Reconnecting Northland

You are simplifying my world. ...and I am enjoying your sensible down to earth advice.

— Peter Chrisp

Chief Executive, NZTE

Wow Sam - these are awesome comments. Painful to receive and exactly what I need - thank you so much! I will do my very best to follow them all - I can see why Morag rated your skills so highly

— Steve Waldegrave

Director, Anticipate

Thanks very much for this – extremely useful positioning and it’s landed well with a number of people here.

— Chris Major

Director of External Relations, Sky TV

The team were very impressed with your work also, so we will be staying in touch.

— Victoria Crockford

External Communications and Government Relations Manager, Z Energy